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Are you writing an HSI grant, or have been recently awarded? You're in the right place!

Since 2013, we've been fortunate to work with more than 50 HSIs with Title III, V and NSF-HSI grant activities related to professional development. ESCALA's courses and programs are all designed to shift HSI institutional culture within the 3-5 year grant period by building your faculty and staff's capacity for change. By partnering with us over your grant period, we can assure that your HSI will gain a team of faculty and staff who can lead the way in implementing Latinx-thriving practices across your HSI. 


Suggested budgets and timelines for building a professional development plan in your grant.


Alumni publications and research evidence that support our professional development.

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We offer free, 30-minute consultations for HSI practitioners writing grants or those with grants who want to create a multi-year professional development plan. 

Testimonios by ESCALA Participants 

"ESCALA programs are always very well organized and don't waste a minute.  It feels like a lot of information but honestly I wouldn't know where to ask them to cut anything out. It's all very helpful. You can tell they put a lot of thought into it and that the people who teach the program have tried all the strategies they talk about. ESCALA walks the talk."

"I already thought I was a good teacher. ESCALA's STEM Mini Program taught me that I should do MORE of what I was already doing, and why and how I should do it more intentionally. That gave me more confidence and also how to talk to my colleagues better about why I was doing what I was doing."

"As a Latinx faculty member I don't get many opportunities to see Latinx people in charge and talking about our students in asset-based ways. This was an incredibly healing opportunity for me. I appreciate the work they are doing."

Our Network of HSIs and eHSIs Clients 

Click on the interactive map to find out if your HSI has already worked with us. Many HSIs draw upon their existing ESCALA alumni to help lead HSI-grant efforts. If you need information about your institution's alumni, reach out to ESCALA.

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