Multi-Year Grant Partnerships

We can provide professional development support for your institution to meet your grant goals.

Steps to Engage in Long-Term Capacity Building with ESCALA

  • Ask for an initial grant meeting with us. State your intention to create a long-term professional development partnership.

  • Invite any stakeholders to this initial meeting. It's important that we meet faculty leads, PIs, and possibly the Provost,and VPAAs. Anyone who can help shape your professional development plan and create accountability should attend.

  • At the meeting with ESCALA, share your grant goals as they relate to professional development and your annual budget.

  • Use the info from this meeting to sketch out an initial plan based on what programs and courses we offer, your grant goals/activities, and your budget (see sample below)

  • Finally, recruit and send faculty and staff to ESCALA's programs.

  • Meet with ESCALA every 6 months to ensure we are on track with professional development plans for years 2 and 3.


For custom programs, ask early!

For any programming done on site or for only your campus, we typically need to plan one year ahead and schedule you into our next year’s professional development calendar.

Sample 5-Year Schedule for Building Capacity with ESCALA

Recommended 5- Year Schedule for Building Capacity with ESCALA

2023 Programs & Courses for Faculty and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions for Grant Awardees

We are starting to write a grant. How many practitioners should attend your programs each year?

ANSWER. We highly recommend that you start with a smaller group the first year (5-8 people at a time in courses), made up of your leaders and biggest equity advocates. Once these leaders complete our course/program, use your first year’s alumni to recruit for a wider audience Years 2-5 by asking them to present about their experience at faculty convocation, department meetings, etc.

After 2 or 3 years of sending faculty and staff to our programs, gather your alumni and begin thinking about creating an in-house PD program or create an assessment to determine impact.

Typically HSIs who send roughly over 40-50 people to our programs start to see institutional shifts as there are significant numbers of ESCALA alumni who are chairs, deans, and have positions on committees and can start making policy decisions differently to serve Latinx students.

What if we have a grant activity for a program that is not listed or offered in 2023?

ANSWER. We offer a wide range of programming and have at least 1 or 2 offerings for each type of practitioner at an HSI. We are so busy with these programs that we do not have time to create custom programs unless we have significant lead time (8 months-1 year). Sometimes we have existing 'one off' programs that have similar goals to your HSI and can deliver that program to you. We can recommend other colegas in our network if we cannot meet your grant timeline.

who should i contact if i am interested in writing escala into a grant?

ANSWER. If you considering writing ESCALA into an institutional grant, please connect with Melissa Salazar @ to discuss professional development options that fit your institution's needs.