2023 Courses, programs, & webinars

Courses on Culturally Responsive Instruction

Relevant to all faculty instructors, advising faculty, DEIs

$3,000 per person, Begins June 2023

This transformative course trains HSI faculty to become leaders in culturally responsive instructors in the specific context of a Hispanic Serving Institution. Participants experience demonstrations of high-impact teaching/learning practices, receive crucial implementation advice from HSI practitioner-advisors, and learn how to measure changes to Latinx student engagement and learning in their course.

Registration for the 2023-2024 CTL-HSI course is closed. We will open registration for the 2024-2025 CTL-HSI course in the Fall of 2023. 

STEM-focused conversations about teaching practices

$1,800 per person, offered 3x year. Take this course live on Zoom or self-paced!

This mini-course is facilitated by STEM faculty in HSIs and delves into the cultural disconnects Latinx students feel when developing STEM identities. Each of the six sessions introduces an evidence-based practice that will provide a more culturally responsive learning experience for Latinx students in STEM courses.

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In person immersive retreat, for a team of 15 from your HSI

$25,000 per team

This program is designed for HSI teams who work collectively on campus-wide efforts to create movement towards 'serving' for Latinx and Hispanic students. HSI teams will get support in understanding how to change institutional culture from a Predominately White Institution to become truly serving.

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Self-Paced Standalone Modules, on Canvas LMS

A way to build your antiracist, liberatory muscle for serving Latinx students and leading culture change through everyday work. The series of modules builds cultural competence for working with Latinx students and focuses on practical ways practitioners can become institutional agents of change. 

This series is under development and modules will be published throughout the 2023 calendar year.

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Live on Zoom, 6 sessions

$1,200 per person.

This program guides practitioners on principles of culturally responsive facilitation that we routinely demonstrate in our educational courses and have spent the past 10 years modeling, refining, and testing in HSIs across the U.S. 

The spring cohort is closed. Please reach out for future offerings.