HSI Capacity-Building 

Photos from our Cal Poly, Angelo State facilitator and curriculum trainings (June and Aug 2022).


Institutionalized HSI PD Programs at Cal Poly Humboldt, CA

and Angelo State University, Texas

 Between 2018-2022, we worked closely with three HSIs: Yakima Valley College (Yakima, WA) Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX) and Cal Poly Humboldt (Arcata, CA) to develop institutional capacity. All three HSIs dedicated grant funds to send faculty teams of 10-20 each to our CTL-HSI program.

In the final year of their Title V grants, each college had enough traction with their faculty to create curriculum for and launch their own ESCALA-certified year-long in-house professional development program based on teaching in an HSI.

Learn more about their college' specific programming:


“ESCALA gave me the opportunity to really lean into serving my students and gave me a platform for engaging in faculty development with peers. I have learned so much through the process of supporting colleagues..and ultimately gave me new roles on campus in supporting faculty in improving the classroom experiences for Latinx students.” 

2018 CTL Alumni: Michele Miyamoto-Tutor Coordinator, Cal Poly Humboldt

“The program had a significant impact on my perspective of student learning in the classroom. The actual techniques presented were not so different from my practices, but the intention behind them and a better understanding of the Latinx lens was transformative. I have become much more open to listening to my students and hearing their voices. I have focused more attention on facilitating a learning environment where all student voices are heard in a variety of ways (written, oral, private, public, etc). I have changed my ideas on what I consider "fair" from an equality-based perspective to an equity-based perspective. I actually feel more relaxed and comfortable with developing more personal relationships with my students and promoting that interaction in the classroom. My interactions with students (all students) have become more fun and personally fulfilling.“

 2018 CTL Alumni: Eileen Cashman-Professor, Cal Poly Humboldt

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